How to Claim Your NFT (Android)

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Claiming your newly purchased NFT on Android is simple!

Note: This article is based on the prerequisite that you already have a Phantom Wallet and have downloaded the Phantom Wallet app from the Google Play Store. If you do not already have a Phantom Wallet, please download/install the app and create one before beginning.

Note: If you are claiming your NFT on a PC or Mac, please click HERE. If you are claiming your NFT on an iOS device, please click HERE.

Video Walkthrough:

(see below video for step by step instructions)

Once you’ve purchased an NFT,You can begin the claiming process by clicking the “Claim Your NFT” button either on the order confirmation page directly after checkout, or within the email that will be sent to you upon purchase (this email can sometimes take a few minutes to arrive).


On this landing page, you will need to copy the URL. How you do this depends on your device, but you can typically use the 3 dots in the upper right corner to open up the link in a browser and copy it from there. Otherwise, in some cases, you might be able to touch and hold the URL at the top of the landing page to copy it straight from there.


After you have the URL copied, you will need to open up your Phantom Wallet app and go to the Browser portion in it. You can access this by clicking on the little globe icon on the bottom right of the app (shown below). From this browser tab, click on the search bar at the top of the app (show below) and paste in the URL you copied earlier. Go to the URL.


This will take you back to the landing page you were on before, but now within the Phantom Wallet app. From here, you will be able to continue forward with the claiming process.

Click "Claim Your NFT".


Next, you will be prompted to connect your wallet. Click "Connect Existing Wallet".

Note: Check out our "What Is a Wallet" article HERE.


After you have connected your wallet, you will be taken to the Transfer page. Verify that your wallet address is correct and then click “Start Transfer.”

Note: This can generally take up to 30 seconds to complete, but in some cases, it can be longer.


NOTE: Once the transfer of an NFT has been initiated, it CANNOT be undone, so make SURE the wallet address is correct.

After the transfer has completed, you will be taken to the Transfer Success page. This page will also have links to download the JPG of the NFT and shareable links of the image to post on social media if you would like. Additionally, if you would like to sell or trade your NFT, you will see a link to the site Magic Eden, one of the largest secondary Solana NFT markets.


Note: To learn more about selling your NFT on Magic Eden, please see our helpful article HERE.

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