Why Does My NFT Show as Unverified on Magic Eden?

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What does it mean when an NFT is “Verified?”

When your NFT shows as verified, that simply means that the marketplace it is listed on has received the necessary documentation from the creator and has confirmed it. This lets potential buyers be confident that the NFT they are purchasing is “verified” and authentic.


“Wait, why does my NFT show up as ‘Unverified’?!”

If you have an NFT that was minted by Single for sale on Magic Eden and see that it appears as “Unverified,” don’t worry, it won’t stay as such for long! That simply means that a couple things required for the verification process of the NFT have not quite finished yet.

There is no further action YOU need to take at this point.

For an NFT to show as “Verified” on the secondary market (Magic Eden in this case), the minting process for the original NFT release needs to have been completed (either the total supply sold or the brought to an early completion). Secondly, a list of all minted NFTs (a hash list) for the release needs to be sent over by the creator/minter (Single takes care of this on the back end) and confirmed by the marketplace. Once these things happen, the NFT can be marked as verified. This process can typically take up to a few days AFTER minting has completed for an NFT release.

So, if your NFT is showing as unverified currently, that just means that the above processes have not been completed yet. There is nothing else you personally need to do at this point to get it verified. Give it some time after the mint has finalized and you should see this change over to verified!

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