How Do I Sell My NFT on the Secondary Market?

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Note: In order to transfer your NFT or list it on the secondary market, you will need at least a small amount of SOL in the crypto wallet you are using. This is due to these actions costing a very small fee in the form of SOL. If you do not have any SOL in your crypto wallet, you can buy it on sites such as Coinbase or and then transfer it to your wallet.

“I’ve claimed my NFT! what do I do with it?”

While many people like to hold on to and continually add to their NFT collections in hopes of the value going up as rarity increases (or just for the fun of collecting!), you can also sell NFTs on a secondary marketplace. This is where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs with people all across the world.

Sometimes, the value of a particular NFT will increase beyond its original selling price once the supply has been bought out and no more are being minted. Think of it like trading cards, in a way.

If you decide you want to sell your NFT, you can do so on any secondary market of your choosing, as long as it allows Solana based NFTs. If you're not sure which one you should go with, we recommend using Magic Eden.



How do I list my NFT for sale on Magic Eden?

First, you’ll need to connect your wallet to Magic Eden. On the homepage, click the “Select Wallet” button on the top right of the page.


Next, choose the type of wallet you have, and then enter your credentials.


Once your wallet is successfully connected, you will see the “Select Wallet” button change into a box containing the address of your wallet.

Next, click “Sell” on the top of the page.


You will be taken to your profile where you can see all your NFTs that can be listed, ones that have already been listed, etc. Click on whichever one you would like to list for sale.


Once you are on the NFT's info page, enter the price in Solana that you would like to sell it for and then click the "List Now" button.


The screen that pops up will show the transaction/listing fee you will owe. Click "Approve."


That's all there is to it! Your NFT is now listed for sale on the secondary market and other people will have the ability to purchase it from you at your designated price! Once the NFT is sold, you will receive 88% of the sale price (after Magic Eden's 2% & the 10% Artist Royalty)

Note: Does your NFT show as "Unverified" after listing? Click HERE for more info.


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