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How do I view the Video Event or Rental?

To view the event, log-in using the email and password you created when purchasing your tickets on the artist’s store. The event takes place on the store, and is linked from the ticket page! Only logged in users will be able to see the event. If you bought multiple tickets on the same account, submit a request with the artist name, show date, order number, and email address of the person you wish to gift the ticket(s) to.

I get the message "Can't Find My Ticket". What do I do?

Make sure you are logged in with the same email address that you purchased the ticket with. Click to view your account, and make sure there is a record of your order. If your order is not present, you likely used a different email address so you’ll need to log out and back in with the correct address. Most stream pages will only be live 1 hour before the show. If you still can’t see it, submit a request with the show/artist you are having trouble accessing and your order number. Support will be available just before and during the stream on the artist's FAQ page.

My ticket shows unfulfilled?

Your ticket will remain unfulfilled until after the show. The status will not affect your ability to view the stream.

I would like to change my email address associated with my ticket. How do I do that?

Please submit a request with your information and we'll take care of that!

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