How Do I Download My Purchases?

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Check your email...

After making a purchase from a Single-powered store you will receive an email with download links. Each link is valid for 5 downloads. After the download limit has been reached you will be prompted to contact our support team if you need additional download attempts.

Note: Make sure to check your spam folder if you're not seeing the email!

Once you click on the download link in the email you received, you'll be sent to a landing page. You will then be given the choice of format - MP3, FLAC, ALAC, or WAV.

  • MP3 is the smallest file size, and includes metadata like album art & track info.
  • WAV and FLAC files are large and are called "lossless" - these won't contain metadata about the release but are the highest quality versions.

Once you select a format, the download should start immediately. The file will be a .zip file. In order to see the track files inside, you will need to "unzip" the compressed file.

Mac users can double-click to open the compressed file. Some PC users will need to download free "Unzipping" software such as WinRAR, if they do not already have another program installed for this purpose.

Note: If you are a Mac user and are having trouble extracting a a zip file with the stock default program, downloading and using WinRAR for Mac for the extraction often fixes the issue!


Note: Some Gmail users have reported finding their downloads in the “Promotions” folder.

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