Where Do My Downloads Go?

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Note: If you are using the Duck Duck Go browser, you may encounter trouble while trying to download your purchase. For this reason, we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari instead.

Desktop Users:

Google Chrome:


Mobile Device Users:

Once it's downloaded, click the flashing button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.ffe80eed-26a2-4497-931d-80a941_6sa00.jpgNote: Please see our dedicated support article for downloading to Android devices for more info. 


iPhone/iPad (Using Files App):

  1. Download file
  2. Click "More..."
  3. Click "Save to Files"
  4. Click "On my iPhone"
    3b3d437f-d3a3-4a6b-8ad8-2f4e80_1tt76l4.jpgNote: Please see our dedicated support article for downloading directly to your iOS for more info. For information on getting your files into the "Music" app on your iOS device, please see this support article.

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