Apple allows for direct music downloads in iOS 13. However, they restrict you from moving music into the native “music” app.

To download music directly your iPhone, follow the below instructions:

1.) Open the link on your iPhone

2.) Download the MP3 file.

3.) Hit "More..."

4.) Scroll down and hit "Save to Files"

5.) Click "On my iPhone"

6.) Hit "Downloads"

7.) Save it

8.) Exit out of the tab, then go to your files app.

9.) Go to your downloads in the file app.

10.) The album/songs will be in your downloads folder.

If you are on IOS 14 or later, please follow these instructions:

1) Open the link on your iPhone

2) Download the file

Step 1

3) When prompted, select "Download"

Step 2

4) After the download has finished, select the arrow in the upper right hand corner, this will reveal the .zip file, select it

Step 3

5) You will now be at your downloads folder, select the file to save and open it

Step 4

6) You can now listen to the music by selecting the song

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